Patient Safety

At Therapy Support, we are committed to equipping you with the industry?s most effective patient safety products. Our safety solutions are designed to help you meet new government safety guidelines by reducing reduce patient falls, increasing patient satisfaction, and reducing costs.

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Continuous Passive Motion

Designed to provide effective post-operative anatomical range of motion

  • Reliable adjustments by automatically increasing daily range of motion
  • Hand-held programming of device parameters, Extension: 10°
    Flexion: 120°
  • Ultra-wide CPM carriage for larger individuals


TSI Continuous Passive Motion

Sequential Compression Device

  • Adjustable compression system increases venous and lymphatic flow distal to proximal
  • Leg (half or full length) and arm garment options


TSI Sequential Compression Device

Deep Vein Thrombosis System

Our reliable DVT system is a pneumatic controller providing intermittent pulses of compressed air which sequentially inflate the multiple chambers of the limb sleeve.

  • Clinically proven, non-invasive method of prophylaxis to reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Disposable sleeves available in knee and thigh length
  • Equipped with features that assure maximum control, safety and patient comfort


TSI Deep Vein Thrombosis System