Wound Care

With an expert staff of delivery technicians, customer service specialists, and a certified ostomy wound care nurse, Therapy Support delivers cost-effective wound care product solutions that help you improve patient outcomes and increase patient satisfaction.

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THERA-HEAL™ POWER Alternating Pressure

THERA-HEAL POWER is a cost-effective alternating pressure system that provides enhanced wound healing and patient comfort.

  • Dynamic, 10-minute alternating pressure cycle times. Alternating pressure mode allows for zero-interface pressure. (Push button static mode is also an option.)
  • Quiet control unit provides pre-set alternating cycle times to deliver optimal air therapy.
  • Safety bolsters for patients at risk for falling.
  • Clinically-effective Thera-Tex™ offers low shear, vapor permeable coverlet for skin protection.
  • Available in standard and bariatric widths.


Thera-Heal™ 1000 Alternating Pressure Therapy

THERA-HEAL™ POWER IQ  Low Air Loss Therapy

The innovative THERA-HEALâ„¢ POWER IQ Low Air Loss Therapy System provides a low air loss mattress for clinically advanced pressure redistribution. The system focuses on caregiver education, safety, and positive clinical outcomes.

  • Equipped with push of a button audio "talking bed" instructions. Just press, listen, and learn. Audio instruction guides caregiver on proper product use and patient positioning.
  • IQ mattress features 18 two-sided air cells and migration foot pillow for patient protection and optimal wound healing.
  • Safety slide-out bolsters help keep patients centered. Designed to provide a safer, easier side transfer option. Proper bolster use enhances your risk management programs. Safety first!
  • IQ coverlet is constructed with a premium, 4-way stretch fabric that reduces friction and shear. It's fluid-proof, vapor permeable and provides antimicrobial performance.
  • Available in standard and bariatric widths.


Thera-Heal™ Talking IQ Low Air Loss Therapy

Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation System®

The Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation System is a patented fluid immersion simulation technology system based on patented software. The advanced technology provides an optimal surface for patients with pressure ulcers in hospitals and alternate care settings.

How does it work? The Dolphin's advanced software system and mattress surface simulates a fluid environment and uses pressure redistribution technology to help prevent and manage pressure ulcers, mycutanous skin flaps and grafts.

  • The technology utilizes the unique Archimedes linker™ algorithm which measures a patient's weight and body contour and automatically imprints the data into a computerized control unit. The system examines the data and automatically adjusts the mattress to create a neutrally buoyant, three dimensional support surface environment.
  • The system continues to monitor the surface every 11 seconds or 300 times per hour for any patient movement. Absolutely no guesswork!
  • The design allows greater distribution of pressure over a much larger area than standard air mattress products.
  • Maintains gluteal symmetry and fold with minimal distortion to the body while maintaining a normal orientation of bone, muscle, and subcutaneous tissue. The result, reduced risk for ulcer formation.
  • Clinically tested to manage advanced wounds, flaps, and skin grafts.
  • The time is now...the technology is Dolphin!


Dolphin™ Fluid Immersion Simulation System